Anxiety Disorders Association South East Inc.

Welcome to the Anxiety Disorders Association South East Inc. (ADASE).

By viewing these pages we give you hope to gain information and insight to take your first steps towards recovery. Whether you care for someone or suffer from an Anxiety Disorder we want you to know that recovery is possible given the appropriate treatment.

We are based in Mt Gambier in the south Eastern part of South Australia with a population of 26,000 people. Mt Gambier is famous for The Blue Lake formed as a result from volcanic activity.

We aim to reduce the incidence of Anxiety Disorders by our consumer led educational programs.

Our accredited programs include:


ADASE is proudly partnered with TAFE SA Regional as an accredited program.

Our programs are affiliated with The Centre of anxiety related disorders (CARD) Southern Adelaide Health Service as of the 11th July 2008. We are proud of this affiliation and we would like to share this letter with you.


 We also offer:


Telephone support is available.
Peer support is available to all program applicants (if funding is available or at negotiated costs).

We are a non-profit organization with deductible Gift Recipient status as of 2.5.08. Our association represents the interests of people concerned in any way with Anxiety Disorders. Through this web page you will be able to find help through the links too many programs that our association offers.


  • To provide support to alleviate the distress experienced by those suffering or caring for someone with an Anxiety Disorder.
  • To work in conjunction with Health Professionals to assist sufferers with Anxiety Disorders.
  • To raise public awareness and provide information and education to the community about Anxiety Disorders.


It is comforting to know that you are not alone:

  • 8%-10% of the community is affected by Anxiety Disorders.
  • Anxiety Disorders affect an equal ratio of both men and women.
  • Anxiety Disorders do not differentiate on the basis of education or social status.
  • Anxiety Disorders affect people from all walks of life.



Our Contact Details

Please contact ADASE:
Telephone: 08 87239400
Post Office Box 8130,
Mt Gambier East SA 5291



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